Mission for Tribes and Nations Nepal

MfTN is a Christian Organization founded by Missionary Ruben Rasaili in 2008 with vision to Persuade indigineous and international Churches to reach different unreached Tribes Communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ and planting healthy Churches. MfTN has planted 96 different Language Speaking Churches in Nepal in 7 years of Establishment. Every year MfTN organizes Mega Healing and Evangelistic crusade to reach millions of souls in Nepal.

Food for Nomadic Tribes

Church Construction

Relief Aid for Victims

Bicycle for a Native Missionar

Our Missionaries takes gospel to any area by walking several kilometer by foot, no mater either roads are rockey or slopes. But providing a Bicycles will ease him reah faster and Evangelize more people in time with his Evangelistic Tools.
1 Bicycle Cost 120 US$ in NEPAL

Gift a Bible

There are many churches in Nepal who have only One Bible in entire Church. Believers only hear word of God during Weekly service from Pastor. Because of Poverty, they cannot buy a Bible for their Personal use. So, with 30 US$, You can Gift 5 Bibles to 5 Such Poorer Tribes Families in Nepal.

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Give a Motorcycle for a Native

With the availability and equipment of a motorcycle a missionary in city area can reach several villages in a day with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He can reach any time, either night or day to visit new believers, house churches and conduct cell services in shorter a time.

Give a Hand Pump to Rural Comm

Many tribal communities use same dirty lake water for both their cattle and for themselves. Thus, they with their children suffer from various diseases. Providing a Hand Pump for a community, you can provide clean water for more than 20 Families in an area and save them from diseases and death.

Give a Film Projector Set

People understand everything more clearly by seeing, more than by reading. Before preaching the gospel, our missionaries would gather hundreds of people in a center of a village and would show Jesus Film in local native language and after the film showing is completed he would preach the gospel. Hundreds of people would come to Christ through watching the said film.

News of the Month


Dear friends and prayer warriors, I just wanted to update you that Pastor Shakti Pakhrin is also arrested by police today (6/13/2016) in Dolakha Central Nepal. He is in the same police custody where other 7 brothers and a sister are suffering for the glory of our living God; our LORD Jesus Christ. He is being arrested because of his faith in Christ and sharing the Good News. He is a local pastor and Secretary of Ishai Samaj (Christian Society). Please continue to pray for them.

EVERY CHILD EVERY DAY PROJECT (Feeding Program for 180 Children in Nepal)

In Partnership with Feed the Hungry, MfTN (Smyrna Church) has started Every Child Every Day Project in Nepal which is Providing Every day Meal to 180 Children in 2 different school in Nepal. Rev Rajendra is working as Program coordinator for this Project. We will be providing Nutrious and Hygenic Meal every day.

Best Testimony of the Month

He is Anugraha B.K, 4 years old. He lives in Daunne Devi VDC, Nawalparasi. His father name Hari B.K and his mother name is Shanti B.K. He is orphan now. His mother is Christian but father became Radical Muslim after he came from India work. Anugraha father forced Shanti to accept Islam faith but she could not so, he started beating, threatening, giving torched, kick away from home, etc.

Anugraha father never accept Anugraha as Son and Shanti as his wife after is converted. Hari Married another women and stay away for 2 years. Shanti and Anugraha went to Hari Fathers house but they also did not accept both and also did not give Identity. Villagers kicked Shanti and Anugraha for she did not accept Muslim faith. Now Shanti and Anugraha both lives in Kukurmara. She works hard as labor in construction and feeding Anugraha. Anugraha age is to go to School but because of poverty his mother is unable to send school. A Year ago, Hari died in India because of Bike Accident. Now, both Shanti and Anugraha has no hope.

Shanti and Anugraha had to leave and loose his family and home because of their Faith and Belief in Christ. Now they are homeless and identity less.
Now, Mission for Tribes and Nations is helping Anugraha go to School and started Sewing and Tailoring Shop to Shanti.

Our Recent Work

Relief Aid for Victims

Food for Nomadic Tribes

Church Planting